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Customised Skin Solutions

We are among the top providers of personalised cosmetic solutions in Singapore. Dermaglow Centre was built on a commitment to helping women achieve the best version of themselves. As such, we have a wide range of products and  services for your beauty needs.


Our services are focused on getting the best results in the most efficient and safe way possible. That's why we offer beauty treatments driven by the latest technology in the market, using cutting-edge and proven  equipment such as the Nora Bode OXYjet LEO and the INDIBA ER45.

You can also trust our aesthetic experts to use only the best products for your treatments. At Dermaglow,  each formulation and machine used complements the treatment type, as well as the ultimate goal.

Facial and Beauty Treatments

We have two specific sets of facial and beauty  treatments. One set is perfect for breathing life  into tired and dry complexions while the other  uses plant-origin nano-liposomes to rejuvenate  your looks.

Body and Spa Services

We also provide body and spa services that can  further rejuvenate your looks. Our hand and foot masks and Thermasoft treatments can help you  prevent your hands and feet from getting too  weathered by the elements, for instance.

Nail Treatments

Whether you need a classic mani-pedi or a gel  application, our nail treatments may be the answer. Your nails will look immaculate under our care.

Hair Removal

We also offer waxing, eyelash perms, and other  cosmetic solutions to deal with unwanted or  untamed body hair. You can get the perfect beach-ready look with our help.


The wellness of your skin and body always begins with what you eat and other internal factors, of course. But there are ways you can try to supplement that.

Our skincare and wellness products are designed specifically to bolster the health of your skin and body. They can be used to help you get ever closer to your ideal, glowing and healthy look!

Whether you have normal, dry, oily, or even aging skin, we have products that can help you fend off and recover from external stressors. We carry a line of high-quality products to match your lifestyle and make simple maintenance of your skin easier than ever.

Normal to Dry Skin
Normal to Oily Skin
Sensitive Skin
Anti-aging Skin
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