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Body and Spa 


We may have built our reputation on our customised facials, but we’ve since become known for our body and spa services as well. These include treatments for your hands and feet to combat the aging effects of our frantic lifestyles.

We also use the latest in cosmetic technology for our services, providing a range of equipment for those who need to lift, brighten, or even deep-cleanse their skin.

Browse the list below to find the cosmetic solution you want and book an appointment today.


We use the latest cosmetic technology in our treatments and services.

In our treatments, we use machines such as the INDIBA ER45, which lifts and firms up the skin to yield a younger and more contoured look. We also have machines such as the WISH Pro Plus Synoia, which uses magnetic infusion to help rejuvenating serums better penetrate skin.

Here are some of our most popular body and spa machines today:

Indiba ER45.jpeg
Indiba ER45

A machine capable of reducing wrinkles as well as saggy spots from the skin. It lifts the skin and makes it firmer for a rejuvenating effect. The results are redefined contours and fewer expression lines.

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