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Dermaglow Hair

Removal and 

Beauty Services

If you aim to be as smooth and hairless as a goddess, we can help. Our hair technicians are experienced in working with hair, whether to remove it or to shape it for impressive results.

And if you're concerned about discomfort during the procedure, rest assured that we use the latest procedures to minimise that. Some of the technologies we use for hair removal even translate to a painless experience.

Below are our hair beauty solutions. You can also book a session now.


Technology drives our treatments. We use the latest cosmetic equipment for our services, from the rejuvenating and skin-lifting Indiba ER45 to the pore-minimising Mesoscience. 

This gives you access to the most cutting-edge aesthetic solutions now available and allows you to benefit from years of medical and cosmetic research.

DPL New ELLA-HYBRID with two power sources

An advanced hair and skin aesthetics solution, this machine offers two modes. The Smart Power Delivery mode can help reduce coarse or thick hair, treat severe pigmented lesions, and even deal with severe acne. The D-Light Power Delivery mode, meanwhile, is great at reducing fine or medium-thick hair as well as dealing with mildly or moderately pigmented lesions.

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